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An Action Hero- Movie Review

Action movies are the ones v which we wr fed in 80s and 90s , and we had carved a taste for it. But in the millinial times those films look redundant. This movie makes us look at action movie with the 2022 millinial touch and twist.

Action movie hero manav is enjoying his charisma and glamour as he visits Haryana for movie shoot.a local mla's brother wants a pic with him. But due some misunderstanding between manav and the mla's brother , an accident occurs. And the movie story creates the path of curves and turns with bhura the local mla seeking revenge from the hero.

Moving to a amazing climax.

This a a Ayushmann Khurana movie. He owns the movie, he acts like a successful super star , which I think is the toughest . An actor acting like a star in a movie. The other cherry of the cake was jaideep ahlawat(bhura). His haryanvi accent creates such subtle sarcastic humor , that's is fun to watch. The part which makes it a 2022 movie is the multiple TV anchors , who just for the TRP and masala make any person hero to villan to deshdrohi to partriot in few days. The direction is mast. Two remix songs in this movie are nice watch.

One of the dialogues in the movie is " जहर खायेंगे, तो जहर ही उगलेंगे". This is a direct comment on today's TV news and its audience. This movie teases us with the TRP race, how some one is villanified by arnab n rubika kind of journos and then the रविशंकर type moderating in a rational parallel tangent. Also this movie presents to us , that, the difficult the situation the better the person facing it gets. Diamond gets better after every cut.

This is a majedar action movie in today's post covid times with a teaseto today's diminished sensibilities and daily hashtag changing mindsets.

I give it 🌟🌟⭐️ AKG points.

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