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BADLA-the movie of thrills

This movie is true to what it seeks to deliver....thrill,drama,twists and edge of the seat turn of part generally all confined in a room.

movie with all the gripping nuances all twists n turns ,and watch the movie with full concentration because if u miss a dialogue or two while taking to the popcorn vendor ,u will have to watch movie again for the finer details (hehe).

Amitabh bacchan is at his narrative best ,he gets into the character so much that his eyes too do the talking,tapsi pannu is poised firmly opposite the legend,also the bolt out of the blue is amrita singh,giving such a nice performance.there are no songs in the movie but u dont miss them,and the background score is so aptly diluted in the story it gives that extra edge to movie watching.

this film in its under current connects to Mahabharata which gels nicely with the story line,also what it wants the convey is that confidence is good ,but over confidence most of the times blows one away of the fine details which is always hazardous,because the twist is in the fine prints,which makes or breaks any event.

all in all "maaf kar dena har baar sahi nahi hota" the tag line excites and movie is true to that excitement...

i give it 3 n 1/2 AKG POINTS....

go and watch a sujoy sirkar thriller...will b fun

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