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Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva REVIEW

We finally get our very own Astra-verse. The ethos of our oldest living culture captivated into modern-day relevance, with the best of its kind SI-FI content, is Brahmastra.

Thousands of years ago through the tap( तप ) of our rishi-muni's and siddh(सिद्ध) purush the Astras were derived from the universe to protect the world of humans and A society thought the ages has been protecting it from evil eyes. In today's world a evil is trying to get these and guruji(Amitabh Bachchan) and his team are protecting the Astras.Shiva a commoner from Mumbai unknown of fact that he is one of the Astra himself lives a routine fun life until situations weard enough make him realise of his powers and story develops.

All Si-Fi movie lovers will love this movie. The level of vr effects, the huge canvas, the magnanimous screen play is Amazing, at times making us Awed by it.

Amitabh Bachchan is wonderful in his guruji avatar as always. Shahrukh khan, in his 10-15min camio, is the best I have ever seen of any of the screen presence ever seen, the film gets lit up by the best opening. Nagarjuna is again best at the job of what he is doing. Moni roy the nagin looks flashes, and she demands attention whenever on screen. Alia bhatt does the best of what is given to her but seems underutilized. Ranbir, my favorite is awesome . In a movie, he is shiva and not a ranbir; that's the greatness of this actor; he becomes the character . The dialogues are flimy when it comes to love scenes between alia and ranbir. Mind blowing Vr effects. Kudos to director Ayan Mukherjee. The music is perfect for the movie's flow, special mention to Deva-deva and Kesaria.

The stories of Astra being used in our epics are so beautifully presented in today's world that we can relate and feels so real. India has really a huge movie of the Astra-verse, which will keep everyone hooked glued to seats for every minute of the movie barring 10-15min in the first half when the love scenes are on display. That's the only weak part of the movie. I hope they write it better in the next movie. तुम कौन हो ( who are u?) which alia asks ranbir multiple times in multiple situations. I liked the timing . After thoughs of this question is a mind exercise, asking ourselves! Trying to know why are we in this world, our special power! Everyone has one. Better find out. This movie also makes us proud of our Divine and oldest living culture of the World.

Awesome, wonderful, huge movie. Plz try watching on 3d ,मज़ा आता है. The effects are wow.

Reach movie in time , don't miss the first 10min, they best opening to any movie.


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