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Superb topic,top of the line cast like rajkumar rao ,anil kapoor ,juhi chawla,a producer like viddu vinod chopra.. the expectation go very high...and if the topic is relevant to the times,the film must hit hard to convey about homosexuality ,but alas its a half hearted attempt,like i want to tell u this but wont stick my neck out,i fear u may get offended...the boldness with which the story must have been told is MISSING.

the movie wants to convey the ordeal of girls and boys in India with diff sexual inclinations,who are made to understand that they are sick,they have a (bimari) which can b cured by baba's and self curbing. Its a sin to think that way. To be true these are untold stories which are always in gossips ,most of us must have heard OR knows such ppl but never spoke up as it a TABOO.

Selecting the topic a was top notch but getting deep into it and making the audience understand was a hit n miss kinda situation.The casting is good but the main lead done by sonam kapoor is a big miss,she acts wooden,stiff. I think if it wr any one else than sonam,things could have been far better,as if she was not into the role,but doing it superficially. Anil kapoor is awsome n best in comic scenes,best being he says to her daughter that im happy u have my taste not moms because i like women too;-) , so is juhi (MIND SHATTERING-her takia kalam),so is raj kumar rao in a under cooked role for him,but still he tries to do his best. Also nice to see badki (hum log), and kawaljeet (buniyaad) after a long time.

i wished that this movie has more depth and took the issue more with clarity n breaking few

old India myths.

watch this movie of the sake of breaking the shekels of false sanskars...i give this movie 2 and half AKG POINTS and half more just for the topic.

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