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Updated: Feb 10, 2018

on the onset i must confess....i went to the movie with a big delemma n shyness in mind...i was going to a movie ,on which topic we never talk freely..n if we have to we talk in idioms and not directly about it ,and today im going with my 14 yr old son and a 8 yr old daughter .u too must b getting a feel of the dilemma.

as the movie progressed i saw that really this complex is so deep rooted that its a sin to talk about it,and so many occurances scrambled of my experiences when the hero in a seen asks for pads and condoms , the chemist gives it like its a banned item,which must have happened to almost all of us ,regularly.and we treat it like (aise he hota hai,even feeling shy asking for it). in many of our homes still,chums time means...outcast for 5 the name of अशुद्धता and women persuing it more then men.

At the culmination of the movie, i felt it as ease that this movie breaks so many myths, that too in a non ज्ञान way... So cutely made to tackle such a clumsy topic.kudos.

this movie also gives us so many other takeaways not just pad n chums.

That india is a country of 100 cr minds and not 100 cr ppl, so that is our power, Also as india is a country of problems , so india is a country of opportunity, just that the mindset had to change from problem to opportunity.

Also that persistence n perseverance is the key to success. that u must do a test run before the final output,to do things perfectly...n so so much more....

no its not a gyan movie ..its a LOVE movie...

So go to watch the movie with your family, ur kids,wife,hubbie... And must go to feel free of a age old mind block.


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