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Thor: Love and Thunder review

A marvel movie lover will always wait n watch for this franchise as the fan base is very strong. But the comedy ,fun ,effects are a charm for anyone who watched it for the first time too.

The God of thunder Thor movie are always fun and light hearted. The Comic and fun is amazing. The tease is lovable. The kids would love it too. But this time they are not fighting to save the world but now it's the multi- verse times and they are fighting to save themselves. The

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is likable and lovable as always. He is cute as well and powerful god. But the star of the movie is the anti-hero Christian bale( batman). The look ,feel and aura of him was so Awed. Everytime he was on screen the eyes had to be glued to the screen, instilling fear. He stands out of all the cast. Also the kids in movie are cute n adorable. And can't miss the God Zeus(Russell crow) in cameo shows his finess .

This week if u want to have a weekend outing with kids too, go n enjoy this fun movie 🎬 with few lessons of life... also let me know what diff u found on the anti- hero looks.

I give this movie 🌟🌟⭐️🌙AKG points.

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