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WILD TALES (Amazon prime)2014 - review

A movie of 6 AMAZING TALES. IMDb 8.1

it's a Italian language movie and English subtitles. 6 different stories. I know u must be things how to watch Italian , but there will be no issue understanding the movie, the characters and the stories.

These stories are related to human nature. How wacky amazing n amusing it can be all at the same time.

How मन dictates and right or wrong is all jumbled up. Every story will put a lasting impression on mind. And at times it will be shock n Awe too.

I loved the movie and it's treatment. It made me feel that what is to happen, can not or may not or won't happen n vise - Versa. But also at times happening and not happening become irrelevant because of *मन*

Worth the time. AKG🌟🌟⭐✨....

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