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It's been long since we went to watch movie in a theatre, for many may be years,since COVID happened and we shifted to Ott platforms, but movie buffs always miss watching movie on the silver screen with 100s of people, not because of watching a new movie only but when with 100s of people , their shared emotions, the environment due to the group emotions makes the movie watching experience FUN n LIVELY. And 83 is the movie to restart reliving the experience once again , of course Masked.

This movie 83's events are in every Indians mind ,more so in the 40-60 age bracket , because they had lived the age of coming out from no-bodies to A force to reckon with in world cricket, also from Gulam to Azad feeling in world stage. This movie is just about that feeling, emotion, will to prove that yes "WE CAN".

83 touches the right notes in the movie.... And the amusing part of this movie is u wont find ranveer singh, Deepika Padukone, pankaj tripathi . But u will get Kapil Dev, gavaskar, Romi dev, srikant, sandip patil, yashpal sharma. And every character is playing his or her part, no one is overshadowing the movie of STAR charisma.Farookh engineer as commentator amazingly depicts the emotions of an Indian in England in those times. Director Kabir Khan grips u into this movie with a consistent flow of emotions and excitement, complemented with the experienced music and background Scores of Pritam and Julius.Specially the song LEHRA DO.

I vouch that u will enjoy the movie fully and it will be a good start to movie going in theatres... it would be fun going with friends and also people from the generation who were young in 83...u will find many side stories from them , that will add more excitement to the nostalgia of 83



stay masked

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