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a film like this can be made by a person who has the guts to say this things as they are...the

कोपल्प कल्पना which we are pushing ourselfes into because of the business of धर्म.

watching this film a realisation occurs how slowly but steadly the seeds of hate and prejudice have been swon in our society and this has chaged the viewpoint of the ppl in general aur other religion...

this film hits hard to state that both sides are becoming stoogies to is made to feel left out and other is made to feel thay their part is given to other...

the actors each and every one of them are awsome to thr roles...pannu,rishi kapoor,prateek,bawa,neena gupta,rajat kapoor ,ashutosh rana...and all others are at thr acting best...all fit perfecly in thr roles..

i also want to comment to the script and the dialogue writers....they hit hard whr needed and also subtlely pinch u with thr passing comments on swach bharat,note bandi,jobs and such stuff which our news ppl want us to forget .

the courtroom drama in the post intermission part is so gripping and dialogues so superbly executed tht many times i was forced to when the judge says when " आप और हम"is conveyed to you then go and check the calender because the elections are nearby...or india will get saved if thr is no puja in parliament and no bhashan in prayer sthals..

i recoment evey one to go and watch this movie.....MUST SEE..for a better US( हम)


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