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AK vs AK (Netflix)

Real person doing real character as himself in a real life situation with real person acting as really he or she will is AK vs AK.

A movie like never seen before in hindu cinema..the real definition of different is redefined in this movie. Anurag vs Anil playing themselves with connected characters playing themselves. Can't say more Because any things more means discussing the plot .

Anil kapoor as Anil kapoor is Anil kapoor, so is Anurag kashyap. There is no difference between acting and reality...real is acting is are bonny kapoor, Sonam, Harshvardhan. Ours so bold of the actors to play themselves and show their reality but not in a documentary but a movie

I loved this experiment,what a thought to create such a movie. Full credit to vikramaditya motwane.

Must u watch this movie if u want to see a never seen movie made in India,MUST WATCH.


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