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BADHAI HO-the movie

if this helps ,DON'T MISS THIS MOVIE... thats the most uncluttered i can get.what a week of movies eela,tumbaad ...and then we get badhai ho,awesome hilarious,and mind rejuvenating movie.

it is movie about a mid aged couple in late 40's ,whr a mom of a 23 yr old ayusman khurana ,gets pregnant , thats such a embarrassing situation.RIGHT?

but this film cuts the clutter,that embarrassment is just a state of mind,how you take things,log kya kahenge....but when u put those to back bench,life is as routine normal and lovable as it could be. also a thought for kids grown up, that their parents too are human,husband and wife,so whether they are your mom and dad but they too are a couple,they too have love emotions for each other and as because you have grown up, they cant stop being a love couple.

such a odd story put in such a fun but enriching way...awed..the biggest surprise is that the main lead is not ayusman ,but neena gupta(the mom),gajraj rao(the dad)..and the sensational surekha sikri(DADI). they steal the show,they knit the movie so lovingly,that it feels so real. of-course dadi is best,every time she is on screen,some fun stuff is coming our way..she bitches to son about bahu,all the time...but when it comes to defending the bahu in crisis,she is the best...speaking the heart out...loved her all the way...all the other characters suit for what they are in the movie..even the Delhi or any city tones of high society,middle class,friends class are so minutely written u will get the narrative instantly. im in love with this movie,and this every one will relate to this movie,if a joint family kid

DOT MISS THIS MOVIE..I GO WITH 4+ AKG points for this movie

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