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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Myth and stereotype breaker , and full of raw fun entertainment with heartland PUN.A gem of a movie.

Set kanepur(never knew locally Kanpur is kanepur), in local dialect lives latika(bhumi),Bal Mukund Shukla(ayshman), and pari(yami).a girl who is tabood as she is tan skinned ,a boy who is a hero basking in this style which he thinks it's because of his hair style and a girl who is a social media tikton sensation because only of her looks... But all of them are made to feel flawed because the society is imperfect but wants other to be perfect and always reminds others of thr imperfections, which create a cage of hysteria...all the raw desi pun around it and the dialect... amazing.

Of the cast the stereotype breakers BHUMI PEDNEKAR as latika, it takes sheer guts to be in such roles, and own them too,be it latika,or fat girl in dumlagake,60yr old in saand ki aakh,KUDOS every act she does, she owns it as if that is the real BHUMI, dialect,style of a tier 2 girl, the guilt pushed into her by society and the rebel which breaks that stereotype ❣️. Same is with Ayshman.. He is king of myth breaker roles... Every thing he does breaks society myths and with finesse, and rawness, ठेठ गिरी,of kanepur,as if all his life he has lived in those lanes. He is better than the best. YAMI too gets out of her comfort zone... She is glamour of semi rural urban UP , LIKE BHOJPIRI actress not the Bombay glam, but gets in that shell so smoothly... Amazed... The script is so rooted in the land whr the story is from, easily understood by Hindi audience, the fun rawness and pun intact...kudos to dialogue and the make-up men specific of YAMI, made her glamorous but not metro type but tier 2-3 city type... wondering the depth of detail....awed... Then found 2 rare GEMS of Javed jaffery-th originale all rounder , the original Sitaji- dipika (remember).Saurabh Shukla is always at his best , so are the stree star cast team.... Best character selection...also loved the cute character of badki(humlog)Seema pawa.

This movie breaks the myth that gori is best for a girl, Moti,Kali is taboo. For a boy hair Nahi to kuch Nahi, why.. Every person is his own self... God has made everyone beautiful, is the fault of the eyes of the beholder who can't see.. Not the person who the eyes comment on with the frevelous brain... best part when the beauty of that person is realised by ones own self then the world starts to recognize it,we ourself have to confident of ourself before the world gets its realisation... This movie takes the bladness and sawalapan story to another level to make us realise that for some pety purpose of biggies things are so much reported and repeated that we thing that the reality, and we take it for granted.Also with a drama scene on stage,reignites the understanding that dharm ke thekedars interpret , twist things to set their own agenda not what is truly reflected ... So start Thinking.... And with a CONFIDENCE and SMILE... Nahi to sab Ram bharose chal he Raha Hari....😆...LIVE your own life as u wish to live...on your own terms... Not how the society dictates.

It's a movie of PLATINUM... Not to be missed...🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐AKG POINTS... HAV FUN WATCHING IT.... AND start being confident about yourself...

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