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BHARAT- the movie

A Salman Khan eid release is always a charm to movie goers, especially to bhaijaan fan's. Also it's customary to be of the typical bhai movie. But a huge relief is that it's not a typical bhaijaan movie, a movie which is a period drama and makes you relate to the situations and high-lows of independent BHARAT, is unprecedented.

Movie starts from 1947 partition times and it's trauma,stigma to Nehru ji era, to Salma sultan DD news times, to 1983 world cup to 1991 Manmohan Singh's reform days till 2010, and how Bharat's life moves with it, is a magnetic thoughtful joyride. I loved how the director moves the story with real history of independent india.

Of the cast this is a all out bhaijaan movie, where other than is old age scenes he looks in full control, the grafics team too have done great job of showing him young to old in apt modes. But the actor who was the surprise package was Gutthi-sunil Grover, not as a joker but as a actor shoulder to shoulder stearing the movie with Salman. Katrina is cute n nice, rest of the cast is just touch n go like disha patni, Norah, TABBU,jackie ji and many others. Music is forgettable except slow motion.

Has 2 big take aways from this movie, rather 3. First is Bharat is told by his father that India is always a nation of love and compassion, till that stays no one can tear Bharat apart, but that faltlines are deepning in today's times .

In another scene when Bharat after the partition is searching for his lost ones he meets a Muslim kid, bhai asks that kid that you must b going to pakistan , the kids says this is my country, I was born here family lived here, the kid's tenderness says it all, India is for all ,not for the majoritarian's only. And lastly when Grover says that value what is with you rather that in search of what you have missed, gave goosebumps, that is a realisation that if you don't value who is with you, or what is with you , you will miss loose what u have and what you seek.

Loved this movie with made me cry twice emotionally.. Loved this movie

I give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐AKG POINTS.

watch it with the thinking cap on and emotional support.

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