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Look at the name.... looks so jumbled and clogged, but jelling together, that's what chhichhore the movie is. A movie which will show its story but while watching u will recall events and moments of your college n hostel life.

This is movie about 2 times stitched together with random jumps between 40+ppl to the same ppl when they were in college. Its spontaneous but abrupt too which feels so emotional but complex. I too may be confusing u with my first few lines. But really this is a gem of a movie. A story of friends in college n hostel who are called losers but these losers, loose this TAG to gain the tag of fighters all because of friendship.

Every character in this movie is the one u will easily relate to as one u had and hung out with in your college day's. The sex hungry sexa, the always fiery n angry acid, the mommas boy mummy or ani all rounder chocolate boy who was gem but fragile at heart too. The tharky,the macho, the girl who was followed by the whole college. All are so relatable that u will be watching 2 movies together, One on screen and other in mind recalling your own stories and moments.

All the actors in the movie are awesome in portraying what they were supposed to play. Sushant Singh rajput as all rounder, varun Sharma as sexa,tushar pander as mommy, navin pollishetty as acid.all the others too are fun to watch. Only regret it's for shraddha kapur who has so much potential but her character has been under cooked, but still she charms. Even the office clerk or the bawarchi as kabaddi coach too stand out .

U will find hundreds of scenes to relate to. But the subtle side story too punches that we over burden our kids with the push to score high on results that they at times feel, if they loose then they have lost the game of life. And we as parents or gonna b parents must make them understand that one bad exam is not life, life is a fight of test cricket not 20_20. Just give your best but don't think that it's the last.

I'm awed by this movie and suggest that you all go to watch this movie, and if possible with gang of friends which will make the movie more enthralling and fun. Also old bondings will reignite.

I will give this movie ♡♡♡♡♡AKG hearts. Points turn mean here.

Friends I wish to go to this movie with U

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