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Chup: Revenge of the Artist(2022)- Movie Review

There are movies mostly where there are stars who make the movie . But rarely are movies made which don't have a hero and heroine . The movie is story and script driven and it's lead is the director of the movie. CHUP is a balki movie. No hero, no leads, the story is the lead. It is a movie never seen by me in Indian cinema. A experimental movie.

The movie starts with critic of movies getting murdered mercilessly and the case is given to police led by sunny deol. Week after week a couple of more murders take place of movie critics, and police can't guess why such horrendous crimes are happening , by a psycho killer. They take the help of a psychic analyst pooja bhatt and the thrill continues. Also there is a love angle of a film critic Shreya dhanwantry and Dulquer Salman running parallel.

The strongest act in movie is story and the script. It leads the story all the way. All actors and actresses work around the story. Sunny paaji after long time actsv in a toned down role and works wonderfully. We see pooja bhatt in screen after a long time, but she was in anguish working. The love leads dulquer salmaan and shreya are cute and fun to watch. Also music by legendary S.D.burman is so nostalgic . Many times i was humming the song of kagaz ke phool when they where getting played in the screen. The music has been used beautifully 😍. The songs also have been used aptly to lead the story ahead. Gurudutt and kagaz ke phool is also one of the leads in the movie and its everywhere in the movie, which is so creative.

This movie is a very different take on a situation and very differently handled. The movie pace is its own and not racy. Still it's a psychic thriller. Also it shows the perspective of the creator towards the critics. Few of the dialogues are also craftingly engraved in the movie. Like one in with nila's mom says to her "to become a sher,u must be ready to sacrificing a goat".

This is a movie for the thinking audience not for the happy go lucky kind of movie lover. And after watching the movie you will understand why I'm giving such a rating.

For routine hindi movie lovers 🌟🌙AKG RATING

For lovers of experimental movie lovers 🌟🌟🌟🌙AKG RATING

and still I'm at risk🤣😆.. watch and you will understand.

Have a fun weekend

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