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De De PYAR DE- Movie review

A Movie which is full of jokes, humour , Leg pulling one liners but at the same time , touches upon new age norms and new age truth .... Such is this movie... Just for reference like "बधाई हो ".

A old young man and young adult are getting into a relationship... And then there is the old young man's X-wife, 2 almost adult kids. It's a film which will make you laugh at jokes and the thinking satire too. I loved many such giggles but which churn the mind too, in a divorce generally the blaim is casted on one but as the ever charming TABBU says in the movie, that if it's a blame is of both, also why drag without no affection whole life cribbing, better start new. And many more such things.

This film let's us realise the importance of the one balanced persona in every life, who discovers the positives in the extremely negative times too, there are a couple of scenes when I was reminded of 2 such stable minds in my life , my MOM n WIFE. U must b having some one like that or may b u yourself are the 1. Let that courage b with us always... And while watching this movie u will b reminded of them for sure.

The delemma of having a girl friend as young as the son and daughter are teasing and funny too.

Of the cast TABBU steals the show, ajay is also koolgood, also rakul Preet is chirpy bubbly in her character.Loved Javed jaffery in a cameo after a long time. i found the songs forgettable.

But watch this movie for fun, humour with thinking CAP on...

I rate the movie with 🌟🌟🌟⭐(3 1/2)AKG POINTS.

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