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Enola holmes (Netflix)

The charm of a holmes movie with teens at the center ,if that excites you that this movie is for you.

It's a movie about the sister of Sherlock n Mycroft ,quite younger to both of them, who has been trained by her mother to be herself target than the school training which generally makes clones suiting the society. One day mom disappears and them the journey of ENOLA starts. She is named ENOLA as in reverse its alone which means u carve your own path.

It's a thriller ,fun ,excitement movie which will also give u wit and food for thought. The subtle English banter is looming large in the movie script.

What enthralled me was the England of the 1900's which is so much in resemblance to the old baghbazar or bow barraks of Kolkata or chandni chowk of old Delhi we see. The English it seems tried to create their London in India. Also their 200 rule in India also brought the thought process into what we think now as Indian culture,which it is not. The perception that girls should know how to do sewing, the elegant way to laugh, pre - set decorums, and above all that ultimately the girl had to be a Good wife and immaculate mother. I was amused that what we thought was our culture was pushed into us by the Brits. That out of box thinking girl is not fit for the society ,it's not Indian culture but borrowed.

The cast is immaculate. Millie bobby brown as enola is extraordinary. Louis partrige as enola's charm is cute. Our superman henry cavill in a near role as sherlock is less dialogue and more expression and fun. Rest of the cast to is apt to the movie.

Watch the movie for thrill exitement and with the thinking Hat to watch movie.


enola's mom tells her...don't do that the world tells you to, but that which u think is your path..

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