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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

I am a avid follower of Hollywood action thrillers ,so was exited to go for this movie. But i am clear movies dont have that heavy story line content like James bond movies,then again these fast & furious movies are very griping of thr car chases,races,action sequences. O yes for regular fast n furious fan club ,this is not a franchisee car,bike,gadget maker race movie...its a Dwayne Jonson & Jason statham movie...with minimal connect to other characters of the franchise.

Its a story of world destroying drug in wrong hands can make world a catastrophy,so rocky(Hobbs)a US AGENT and Jason(Shaw) MI6 agent get together to save the world with Vanessa . All the actors have thr strengths and they play to it. Its so fun watching vanessa do a action sequence of physical action with rock. So is the fun nok -jhok non stop between shaw & rock, like school kids who can b without each other ,but when together will always fight.

Generally i rarely find things to take home form such movies but this had a lot to offer. The first one was "key to immortality is to live life worth remembering". Also its never over till we say its over- so NEVER GIVE UP. Best was that when real problem comes then HOME and Family is the best place to be...

I loved the songs in the movie too, also because this movie has songs which are lyrics based and not just high on music.

So if u have time go watch this movie,its not a must see but this movie will fly and not a single moment is boring,good time pass.also this movie has no connect to the franchise so no issues for first timers too. i give it AKG points. hey if u watch the movie tell if u remember the chak-de -india final match end moment rapport between the 2 forwards..let me know

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