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I went to the movie theatre for watching a movie, but instead was served A poerty with a large canvas of painting.. was such a thrilling and provoking experience watching this movie. So if u love poetry and paintings with a salty touch of history of India in early 40s to 60s , without a blink watching this movie.

Movie is based on a book "mafia queens of mumbai" . One of its chapter is on Gangubai kathaiwadi, 30pages only but, that's means such a poetic and picturous movie on the character with such vividity... that's the magic of Sanjay leela bhansali. He is a school in himself. If you watch any scene in this movie in seclusion too , it will easily identify itself as a bhansali frame.

This film enhanses the acting abilities of Alia bhatt which we know after udta pujab, and this movie she takes the acting a notch up. Her eyes, body language, expression all enhance the story. Else how come in one scene fear love anxiety attraction all are expressed in one frame in a car with shantanu maheshwari. Shantanu also is mesmerizing.. so are Vijay raz(razia bai), Seema pawa(caretaker), Indira tiwari(friend) and ever green Jim Sarbh. Ajay Devgan has a towring presence in a guest appearance. Music as always has imprint of Bhansali , so it's the camera work and period setting...all crisply and aptly set, like begam Akhtar on radio, posters of that period actress on walls, tin window cover to close it.. will remind u of 60s 70s.

I was awed by many scenes which will have their presence in the viewers mind long after the movie is over..In one scene Gangubai is taking about shades of white saree and the emotions with every shade is magical. So is the car scene , the meeting with pandit nehru, where the work of prostitute is explained as one keeping balance in society and treating them as professionals.

Loved watching this poeting painting and i think you too will Adore it...

I give it 💗💗💗💗💞AKG hearts...

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1 comentário

Vandana Nahata
Vandana Nahata
28 de fev. de 2022

Awesome review AKG, a must see now!!

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