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The last big Hindi movie release of 2019 is a laugh riot. It's adult comedy but not cheap and substandard. It makes you laugh all the way. A movie about 2 batra couples, both having trouble conceiving, reach the same IVR center for conceiving, and a goofup by the hospital creates the premise of the movie. The idea is very original and the treatment too is nice n innovative.Super one liners and the delivery of those one liners by the cast too is laugh riot. Saw every one around me giggle non stop in the first half. Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar,Diljiit dosanjh, Kiara adwani . All of them are awesome. They act as of they own their characters in the movie. No one is misfit. Even the doctors Tisca chopra and Adil Hussain too are brilliant. The dialogues are the main lead in the movie, very new and very innovative, also very apt to the characters whome they are given to deliver. The direction too is nice, just that in some parts of the second half film gets a bit dull for few mins but because the movie is so crisply timed that film never feels like a drag. Music is remix nothing much to talk about. This movie also shows the patriarchal nature of the Indian mindset, how ever modern the society has become but mindset is set in era gone by. The mindset of " मेरा वंश चले,गोद लेने से मेरा खून तो वो नहीं होगा ” persists.This film also shows the emotion that men of both urban and rural, upper and middle class generally don't value the women's feelings but are stuck with the thought that they think the best.. And most women take that into their stride... This must CHANGE.. So this movie is a nice fun watch to bid good bye to 2019 and welcome 2020 with laughter and giggles... But don't go with kids or u will have too much to explain to them...😂 I give this movie 🌟🌟⭐😆 AKG POINTS

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