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Updated: Feb 15, 2019

After the movie, you come out with a conviction that " AAPNA TIME AAYEGA". This film is with so much conviction and commitment that getting engulfed in those real dreams to reality is like living your inner dream.

This film makes you realize that we too can do so much more, BUT lack of faith makes us falter, and tow the stereotype line...

But simultaneously , mind thinks that it's never too late.... Why not now.... This is such kind of a movie.

This movie says so much in such a tight plot, that only Zoya and her team could bring together. Slums, minority life, it's flaws, male dominated society, no freedom, rich poor divide, crime in city due to ill-literacy and much but so subtly and so tightly that all of it is part of the movie

Music n lyrics are JHAKAAS. Dialogues, timing and scenes are created in such detail that it leaves you with a feeling of awe. Looks like it's real life not reel life. I recall a scene where the hero is dejected of a failure and his friend is encouraging him; very mildly a song plays on radio nearby "alla ke bande hasde,jo bhi ho kal fir aayega"...such is the detailing in every scene.

Oh and the cast....all are leads....Ranvir is so real as gully boy, no flamboyance, but awesome expression, his eyes do so much talking...the brutal dad..Vijay Raaz .. So convincing, mom of murad...Amruta...gajab expression, friend of murad r j sher-bomb, and ALIA-she is bomb(remember dadi in badhai ho) when ever she is on screen DHAMAKA HOGA....

All in all ENTHRALLING MOVIE.... Must watch....I will give it 4 1/2 AKG POINTS....

go to watch a real movie really loved... No artificial glitz but really CRISP

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 15, 2019

so this is a must watch. maza aayega

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