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Gumnaami (2019) & Joker (2019)

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Today I'm moving a very unusual path. A review of two movies together, poles apart. One is movie on the greatest heroes of modern India who made India what is is today, other the sadest and most twisted, horrifying villain seen on silver screen.

Tough situations, very pessimistic times, bleak glimmer of hope. Congress brass,gandhiji against him so he recluses the Congress president post , British guv bitter enemy of him, his idea of creating INA finding all kind of problems, and OUR super hero Netaji goes through it and creates history which makes the British leave India and if we Believe the movie and it's logic then after independent India too, he stays tough so that India and Indians same not pushed into any problem.

On the other hand tough times, tough gloomy environment, pessimism around him, bleak glimmer of hope and Gotham city creates the saddest ,bitter,awful, pessimistic SUPER villain of all times JOKER. Situations may b tough but the mindset momentum of a human makes the person move the positive path or regressive path. One creates history for uplifting the nation, other saddens to create caos,anarchy.

Of the actors Prosenjit Chatterjee and Joaquin Phoenix. Both have done characters of a life time. Both actors are not in the movie, u will find the characters not these actors. It was very tough to even recognize prosenjit, who after such a long career has his distinct style, but in this movie u will find NETAJI and gumnami baba and not prosenjit.KUDOS. Similarly imagining joker without heath ledger was impossible, BUT phoenix has risen and made joker this own, in movie we find joker and phoenix is no were to be found. It's mesmerising to watch both towering actors forget themselves and become the characters. All the other actors in both movie are good but just to take the movie forward. The movie belongs and stays with the main protagonist only.

These movies show us human mental strength both positive and negative. Both change the world. One towards freedom and other towards anarchy. We believe in the thoughts of NETAJI. Also the Joker gives a cryptic view of his commitments and how he views the world and reasons us that our goods is not the only good, he sees the world the other way around.

I was AWED BY both the movie I will rate both movies with 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐. Watch the movies for the commitment of the actors, the director and the story telling

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