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HELICOPTER EELA-movie review

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

over-attachment can be very stifling to any relation and to personal self ....this is what i realized watching this movie.

this is movie of a circumstances driven single mom...kajol...whose one point agenda is her son,and she breaks from her blossoming carrer to persue life devoted to her son. but after an age the son finds tht affection a pain n over encroachment to his personal space.but as the mom is so consumed to her life with the son that without him life has no motto.

this movie made me realise that over investment in someone ,can many timers become strangle for the relation and ppl involved. i see this situation with many moms of grown up kids,who find a big void because their child is not living with them any more,or is not giving time to mom as friends become important. and mom loose love for life n get into dipression. similarly in love one partners obsession,attachment for thr other at times become so tough for the other partner, that it affects LIFE.

so i realized from this movie,that love affection is imp,but u must draw the line before overindulgence. So if overindulgence is not thr we start enjoying moments rather then cribbing on them.

other than this movie midiocre... i seemed as if kajol is over doing for a less worked on script, and times getting loud.but she looks awesome ,better then her stardom times.its just her movie

watch with ur partner to enjoy the knitty gritties of relationship.

i give this 2and half AKG points...the last half is for the topic it touches

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