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It's a hell of a movie....I went to see a super hero sifi movie but it turned out to be a zombie blood bath, ugly looking demon movie.

This is the third iteration of HELLBOY but this one is the bloodiest one... And the A certification is apt for the movie, it's full of ugly bath in the first half, less of story n more of brutal killings.

But it has its take aways too... The most important one is that a demon by b birth too can be a great guy at 💓 if given the right parenting, that's the IMPORTANCE of parenting. Also if parents judge the positive traits in a child and nourish them rather than imposing thr dream on the child then the positive direction given to the kid at the right age makes him the best version of himself.

So i would suggest that if u are not a diehard franchise fan ,u won't like the movie, also the other incentive of going with kids too isn't fulfilled as it's a (A) rated movie. So you May skip it...

I give it 2 AKG points.

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