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JAI BHIM(Amazon prime)

Many times we feel we are not so Privileges of life, we are missing things in life, but this movie will make u feel so PRIVILAGED and also also make us realise that what we think as taken for granted in our lives are not even in dreams of many living in INDIA.

Jai Bhim is eye opener to the value we must give to the rights and liberties we are given and to safeguard it from any encroachment, because many don't even have a glance of these necessities.

Film starts with a low cast family of nomad tribe, who are no-bodies in this nation, but fully used and missused my the high caste society and the System. The plight of the low caste as if they are garbage. I started watching the movie with a thought that it will be a Art kind movie, but every moment in this movie is so gripping and emotional that u can take your eye off the screen... And at the same time u will feel so pained of watching it.

Such is the flavour of the movie that We will start valuing our basic rights and also astonishingly depressed about the 21st century INDIA, still living in primitive times. SURIYA as the lawyer is a stunning screen presence, but the best part is he is not over- shadowing in the movie, but he gives also the other co- starts like lijomol Jose(sengini), rahisha vijayan( teacher), k.manikandan(rajakannu) and many more the deserved screen time, they also blossom true to characters. Prakash Raj is always at his best. Full grades to the director TJ gnanavel for keeping it real, no jingoism but hard hitting. Also the eye for the details is very impressive... In many scenes u will find the tiny nuances so perfectly played... Like the rice eaten my the tribal poor, positioning of Bapu's portrait even a poweful statement is being delivered. Many may think that this movie is communist agenda, but i found it as EYE OPENER to what we saw as past but the India for many still is in the primitive ages.

I would INSIST that everyone should watch this movie... Give value to what we have.. And protect it..

I give JAI BHIM 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 AKG points.

(Movie is available in Hindi dub too on Amazon prime)

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