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JL 50 (Sony Liv) review

Pankaj kapur , Abhay deol , Piyush Mishra ,Rajesh Sharma all of them together means of u if u give them lemon they can make lemonade , but with si-fi genre a tight script and director Shailendra vyas they make a hell of a movie.

It's a movie about time travel, with a script to play with and not the cheap thrills time travel but a logic and science based time travel. The movie starts with a plane is hijacked and case goes to CBI but to the officers Abhay and Rajesh the plane which they find is a plane which was lost 35 yrs ago. And then the layers unfold. Can tell more because I may reveal the story.

I think this was a movie which due to pandemic and non release in theatres was converted into a 4 episode web series. Amazingly gripping script, because camera work which so lovingly adores Kolkata, North Bengal and CALCUTTA(when u watch the series u will understand why I wrote Kolkata and CALCUTTA). Also the background scores which has beats of Bengali music and rock are so welcomingly refreshing.

Of the cast every one is genius. Pankaj kapur is phenomenal , and many times he reminded me of one of his past work in EEK DOCTOR KI MAUT, when he says "जब हम आकाश में कुछ अजीब देखते है,तो हाथ जोड़ लेते है, पूछते नहीं की क्यों,कैसे।सिर्फ मंदिर,मस्जिद और सियासत में फंसे है". ABHAY is as usual the act of fineness. So is Piyush Mishra and Rajesh Sharma. Amazing camaraderie within them. I wish they had a better budget they would have made a bench mark movie in SI-FI movies of Indian cinema. But with this too they do a very neat job.

Amazingly unusual movie. Must watch to promote a real step in right direction for si-fi movies in India.


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