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Jumanji: The Next Level(2019)Jumanji: The Next Level(2019)

The 4th iteration of Jumanji . So it's a must for every Jumanji fan, as it's so fun and nostalgic. Also for first timers it's worth watching for fun on the run film.

To talking about the story is like taking about what you know already, but still it's so novel and refreshing. The friends gang of 4 meeting after a long time in the winter and then Jumanji arrives in their lives and the new addition are Spencer's grand dad and his friend, such a welcome addition .

Cast is as good as always. ROCK is awesome and witty as always.a wrestler to a AWESOME actor, that's the greatness of that guy. Karen Gillan, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, all are the fully bones with their gaming shoes on. But the icing on the cake are Danny DeVito(granddaddy) and his friends (Danny Glover). Nick Jonas (jamai sa) is cute veteran the तुरुप का इक्का।the Indian connect. They are the big difference to the routine movie with a twist. The best part in these movies is when one character plays 2ppl so seemlessly(a games character and the real person) and is both are same but different. Kudos to the direction. And also the SFX TEAM. The special effects are a spectacular to watch.

This time I went to the movie with 4 kids aged 7,8,9 and 14 and asked them to list me 10 things you learned from the movie, and was super excited that when movie are seen with the thinking cap on kids think KOOL:-

1. Don't f fight over petty issues with ur pals

2. Clear misunderstanding as soon as possible, don't linger on it, It expands

3. Jiska kaam usi ko sajhe,duja kare to ullu baje

4. Team work wins

5. Never lose hope

6. When in a critical situation, be like opponents think, idealism can create problems

7. Value best friends

8. Jo dikhta hai,wahi hamesha sach nahi hota... Think

9. Stubbornness is dangerous

10. Whr there is a will there is a way

So I suggest plz go and watch this movie as it's as all Jumanji's but worth WATCHING.. Also plz go with kids and would love that u try this with kids and see how their minds run... Will be a learning experience for us too.. Hope u share it thoughts with me in the comments box.

I give this movie 🌟🌟🌟🌛AKG POINTS

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