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Khandaani Shafakhana

In today's world of super fast movies,this movie is slow creeper Movie with cuteness filled.Also the topic is very novel and worth a talk.This 2 hr 10 min movie too will feel like a 3 hr movie.the unique part is that this movie talks about sex and sex education but with no jokes and no cheapness generally associated with sex in Hindi movies.

In this movie sex ,sex education and sexual illness are the touchy topic ,and i thought the country which had worlds 17% population has no one talk about sex except in cheap jokes. Think of the times we where growing up and our bodies changing due to age and so many question in-mind but no one to ask them as we felt shy to ask in family and then found answers from person who himself or herself has little or wrong knowledge,else joked away as a buddhu(murkh).U must have had such a memory which sparked ur mind right now! Also the child abuse and women abuse in our country is high because of lack of sex education.

Oops sorry lots of gyan..

This film is on sonakshi's shoulders and she carries that with her expressions,her expressions do a lot taking added to her mouth(hehe).Varun sharma(chucha) is doing his typecast routine. Badshah is acting as himself.But the real treat is kulbhushan kharbanda,nandita babbar, Rajesh Sharma as judge.

Delight to watch. And then there is the ever real Annu kapoor. 2 scenes stood out for me one is full of fun (the court room scene of rajhesh sharma and annu kapoor) and another was the munnabhai gandhiji moment of sonakshi and kulbhushan. TREAT.

Songs are forgettable,but camera work is awesome capturing the ethos of hosiarpur galis and guchas.

This is a cute nice motive movie with its hits and misses. but very much watchable.

I give this movie AKG points.

Watch this movie for non-sensationalism and non-cheapness talk on a sensitive topic-SEX

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