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I'm a lover of unconventional movie... Stories untold, tough to replicate on 70mm, at times I too feel detected that such a interestingly intuitive story is made into a drag bore just because of the sheer length of the movie of 155min, disappointed.

A movie about a NAGA sadhu after the battle of buxar(1764) when Marathas,British,afgans all trying to take control of land in the toughest terrains of Bundelkhand,chambal and how he persistent to take is his revenge for 155 min dragging endlessly that the main villain too asks the hero at many times -" चाहते क्या हो गोसाई".

Saif a NAGA sadhu is awesome, he fills into the character fully, but story drag doesn't help, he is the only superstar who can do such characters without any prejudices about his stature, aura, looks so raw as a real Naga sadhu, no fear to look ugly, cluttered,kudos to him.ALAS he had a good director. So it's Deepak dobariyal- he is so talented,fills any shoes u put him in, amusing. Ready or the cast is nice. The timeline of late 1700's and 1800 is very minutely portrayed by art director ❣️❣️. So are the dialogue the the dialect perfectly captured.

This movie shows the hardships of Bundelkhand which will are persistent in that region, and how ppl become so harsh because of the natural hardships they face day in and day out.

I give this movie ⭐🌛AKG POINTS... If u go for this movie u will have lots of time to relax... And love it in parcels 😆

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