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Laal Singh Chaddha movie review

Life is like गोलगप्पे,puchka pet bhar jata hai ,mann नहीं bharta

Amazing line... with multi faced aspects. Such is the movie LAL SINGH CHADDA. Cute sweet and skarling movie .

It's a story of lal ,a specially able kid from punjab, who with his simplicity and dedication wins over so many difficulties of life and that too with a smile. This is a episodical movie and which starts with the emergency getting lifted in 1977(my birth yr) to today's times with the creative liberty of the hero lal being a spectator of those events at the time they are happening.

Aamir is mr perfectionist. Mona singh is so amazing and adorable. Naga the army friend of lal is stand out performance. Kareena with her looks emotions words represents herself from 16-40s is wow. O n how can I forget the cute young Laal in turban....💗. Music I think I not that great but camera work made me awestruck. Worth the big canvas. The story is self-paced but in second half for some time feels drag.The indianisation of the story by atul Kulkarni is lovable.

This movie will provoke thoughts. And it will be different and personalized to every person watching it. Every episode in Indian history provoking feeling which they felt in those times, that makes the movie relatable. Like blue star,demolition, mumbai blast, and many more will provoked memories which will be different from the person sitting beside You. That is craft. Also every time laal says mummy kehti hai... we all will remember those tender words of our parents and grand parents and the affection in those words. I would like you all to share your thoughts which where provoked.

This is not a mass movie but if u give it time it will be a good return. Don't go to see a masala movie. Go to watch a lovable thought provoking movie, re- living memories.


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