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After a long time I write a review as this movie came back with me in my mind and heart. Generally movies you don't carry back with you till you reach home, but this one does.

This is a story of Indian football in its golden age just after we got independence and we were trying to stand on our own feet after 200 years of rule and a few colonial mindsets who were always thinking of them as above the rest. Ajay Devgan who plays Syed Abdul Rahim , convinces the football federation of India to give him a free hand to select Indian football team for the olympics. The FFI president, Anjanda, supports him and he starts India tour in search of prodigies who can be polished to make TEAM INDIA. Its It's the story of Indian football , which to your surprise, was 4th in the 1956 Olympics and won gold in the Asian Games in 1962.Amazing na. It's story forgotten, which must be told.

Ajay Devgan is astonishing as the coach. A man of less words more deeds and expression, which also suits Devgan's style of acting. But the surprise package is the players selection . Chaitanya as the great PK Banerjee, Amartya as the legendaryChuni Goswami , Aman as Arun Ghosh, Tejas as Thangaraj and so many more. They look feel and act like those greats . And the people of bengal who follow the derby of Mohun Bagan, East Bengal, and Mohammedan Sporting will feel such a emotional connect and nostalgia, which is over- welming. The astonishing actor Gajraj Rao as editor Roy Choudhary adapt to the character as if there is no Rao but it's Roy. So is Rudranil as the anti-FFI of Anjan. The cherry on the cake is Rehman with scores like Team India . No one can match him.

Amit Sharma, with his 7 story and dialog writers creates a masterpiece.

This movie will make the people of Kolkata nostalgic. The essence and charm are so beautifully captured in this movie, and such a beautiful blend of Bangla is so lovable. This movie also shows 1950s - 1960s India getting back on its feet slowly but steadily. The Bengali adda culture is captured in its full essence. One of the few dialogues that captured my mind was "तकदीर यहां हाथ से नहीं, पाव से लिखी जाती है ". Another one just before the finals of the gold medal match is " मैदान मे उतरना 11 पर दिखना 1". The team that stays together wins together; a divided team of amazing players can never win if they are not together. It's a life lesson. Also, the wife of the coach is learning English and is encouraged by her better half. India was making a great foundation by the foresight of our great leaders, leading us to get ready for what India has become today.

I assure you to be patient with the first hour of the movie as it builds, and you will carry this movie's memories in your mind.

⭐️⭐️⭐️🌛 AKG RATING.

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