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I know few of us have seen this movie , but most of us haven't...i got my chance today because can't miss a anurag kashyap movie and I'm happy i saw it. His movies are to b seen. He makes movie of hindi heartland as if he living it day in and day out. This movie shows how life is lived and breathed in bimaru states. Caste system still looms large,low caste is still seen with lowered eyes and it's reverse also happens, that when a low caste is अफसर to a high caste junior, the अफसर takes out all his frustration on the junior of all he had gone through.

This is a sports movie but it shows all politics of it and how we cant produce sports person, because family says पढ़ लो,quota se job lage to office wont give chance for sports practice (remember he is in job for sports). This film made me learn a thing too... That when u are angry, गुस्से को हतियार बनाओ-वातावरण नही।। so truly said...utilise it as the right time for a knockout, either in office or job or sports dont make it your environment as it will destroy you.

Also it shows how politicians are using mob in the name of religion and देशभक्ति to settle thr personal vendetta and go scotch free .

I dont think you will get a chance to watch it in theatre, but if you can its a must watch, as it's a different kind of movie and how unknown actors create wonders in such a movie , most loved one for me was the dumb girl, awesome actress.

Try watching it.. In theatre or when it comes to netfilx or amazon prime

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