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A canvas which can b second to none... Rather one of the biggest. A story which is so AMAZINGLY told that you are AWESTRUCK..A community so hugely praised and sung for that you think that how such people with so many rules survived on earth... If u ever have to describe BHAVYA... This is the movie... And the characters..O my god...A villain khilji and you would love to hate him. A hero and u feel sad that his rules and regulations made him loose and a heroine who in real terms is a heroine with heroics,brain,beauty and valor. This movie made me realize that why such शूरवीर rajputs lost ... Because they played the game with rules which the opposition always took benefit. So I learned that when u have a foul player playing against you , play his way because WINNING counts, life rarely gives second chance, so play with not only heart but brain too. Also in a scene I got reminded of the current head of state... That things are done to fulfill his desires, but when questions are asked, the actor brings in the emotional angle of desh bhakti.. And by playing with desh bhakti emotion.. Makes the story for country that lust of the head... Tell me if u feel such in the scene....N do see the film in 3d..I know u will and b proud of the rajputs and their love for the mother land... Enjoy because I enjoyed enormously..

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