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A full story of a half told story of Indian subcontinent history in our school history books which killed the most people in a single battle, the THIRD BATTLE OF PANIPAT between MARATHAS and Ahmed Shah abdali. This movie is documented history recreated, so lovers of history will love it, but who played book cricket in history classes or ate Tiffin in back benches won't love this movie that much. A movie about the story of Indian subcontinent (I say it as subcontinent , because the concept of INDIA, as we know it now came in late 1800, then it was just war lords n kings n peshwas n mughals) all vying n dying or killing for booties,girls,land grab( जर, जोरू,जमीन). And the politics of it. The king's mosty लालची (greedy) and अईयाश(debauchery) and hungry about their own self not for the people or for the notion of the nation. Also I'm appalled by betrayals by their own ones in Indian history. Almost all the time we lose of foreign looters or invaders not because of their clout but because of betrayal by one of us. The foreigners too know that they are easily billable,so divide and rule and plunder. Big part is it is nothing to do with religion, but by greed. In the army of BHAU sadhasiv Rao, Hindus and Muslims Sikhs all were together but was betrayed by Hindu kings... So it was not religion but greed. The actors are nice in this long movie Arjun Kapoor as BHAU lives the character,a fighter who is brain and valour, but controlled emotions. Kriti Shanon had done her best to date in this movie, spark and Philip in her acting. Sanjay dutt as Abdali is as raw as Abdali would be, rawness of a afgan but very mood swinging. Rest of cast too does what minimum they get like mohnish behel as balaji Baji Rao,padmini kolhapuri and Zeenat Amman (after a long time).2 songs are nice (shiva and maratha) rest forgettable. No super heavy dialogues.i wish the movie did not take that much time to set up before flying off in second half. But it keeps u glued to screen. What I learned is that 2 reasons India losses, one is we are gullible to misuse, by kings, politicians and till today we just start living in false promises,promised by these kings and ppl greedy of power.Other is we loose not because of others but our own people,close to us. Be it family, society, nation. This movie is a documentation of history of us.... Watch if you love history of the plots of politics of power else not for you..I love history n politics both so I give it ⭐⭐⭐🌛AKG STARS. TO WITH KIDS AS THEY TO LEARN ABOUT OUR real HISTORY, not the WhatsApp one.

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