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PATHAAN (2023) Movie Review

Awestruck... the king is back. People cheering in a houseful show at 10.15 pm show on a working day in a costly inox theatre.

This film is a continuation of the spy multiverse being developed by yrf. After Tiger, Kabir now Pathaan Movie starts with a fight sequence like a James bond movie. Special Agent of J.O.C.R is on a special mission in UAE where the president is giving a keynote with 2 of India's prized scientists. The villain Jim(John Abraham) a private terror organization working for money, comes to kidnap the scientists and succeeds in getting 1 after the chase and fight sequence with Pathaan. And then the movie moves... with a cameo from Tiger as the crux thrill moment.

The Actors in this movie are larger than life. This a SHAHRUKH movie and he makes presence stamped. The aura, the istyle , panache, the elegance Awed. Deepika is wow. The style, looks,tashan. She looks like a Hollywood stylish long-action star. John Abraham is a worthy opponent to the huge persona of Pathaan. Dimple and Ashutosh Rana bring their experience to the table. Bhai's cameo is the cherry on top. The canvas of the film is huge, to be fully enjoyed on theatre screens. The background score of the movie gives the kintsugi to the movie. Only 2 songs but both are so fun to watch, especially the moves and bodies of both the leads. @ the age of 57 king khan is the only one who can maintain such a body with boys too will be Awed with. The Action in this movie is world-class and so are the Vfx effects, Hollywood level.

This is a high-pitched action movie. But the thought of kintsugi, a Japanese way to re-arrange broken pieces together with molten gold, stuck with me. We generally throw away broken things, and broken people, and forget them. But if they are nurtured properly then those broken can become more premium and precious than their original version because of the strength of value addition. If we start doing it in our lives, I'm sure it will enhance our lives in a big way.

All in all a super fun movie to watch.. all through enjoyment. Won't even realize that the interval arrived so soon. Also don't miss the end credit scene of bhai and king, it's a gem of a scene.

Go and enjoy.

I give it ⭐️🌟🌟💗 AKG RATING.

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