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Professor Shanku O El Dorado(2019)

Bengali movies now a days regularly surprise us. A short story by the myestro Satyajit ray and is adaptation by his son Sandeep means the expectations rise and why not. Also to Bengal prof. Shonku has nostalgia too attached. And this film tries hard to attain the expectations. Its a story of prof Shanku living in giridih, Jharkhand a prolific scientist who has many great inventions to his name, meets a village guy nakur biswas who has the power to forsee things before it happens. And together they go to Brazil and the adventures they set out thr. The first half of the movie is very gripping and u get invented in the movie, is fast paced too, the glitch starts in the second half where the movie while culminating feels like streaches and just mopping up the loose ends to wind up. I think when u take a short story and make a movie out of it, without working on the story to make it movie level and adapt as it is then this problem arises. If this movie which is short at 1hr 30min could have been a 10-15 shorter for a crisper movie experience. The cast is great dhritiman chaterjee as prof shonku is the perfect person in the perfect role. As if he is made this character his own.subhashish mukhopadhay as nakur babu, is pure portrayal of A village guy who is raw,witty and vulnerable to the gltz , glamour. He adapts brilliantly. Rest of the support cast is normal, nothing exceptional to call out. The cinematography and visuals of Brazil are captured beautifully.the VFX is nice. Background music goes well with the story. The movie has a good blend of English with Bangla so nothing looks forced in dialogues. Also English subtitles make it easy view for non Bengali viewers. This story calls out free things very subtle and clearly... That the power of human mind is enormous, just that we have to brighten it up many be my meditation or by intcrased concentration. Another that what we see impossible in the eyes of reality, after few yes will be a normal norm of living. Like if 30yrs ago if it was told that will call face to face from a village in India to a village in Argentina ,ppl would laugh, but today is a normal norm.CHANGE is way off LIFE.

So this movie is a nice watch but wanted it be a bit crisper at the end. The movie has good I give it 🌟⭐⭐ AKG POINTS.

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