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Updated: May 12, 2018

DON'T miss this movie, cauz u will regret not watching it.

It so gripping that every moment is story not to b skipped. momentous movie of the heroics of our unsung Braves of the nation. They are never praised in public, rather and kept as a secret but their value to the nation is immense.

This story is of a spy of India, a kashmiri , planted by his father the Spy to carry forward his work. Salute to these sacrifices. These are really PROUD patriots, not like the ones we believe now a days...(those deshbhakti Bharat Mata social media gang).

The act by alia is so amazing ,as if she lives the character.... astonished by her acting...flawless... She is far better than udta Punjab (and I thought that was a superlative act).

This movie is so minutely planned that I have bigg accolades for Meghna Gulzar... Such detailing... immaculate

Such stories more of them must b told, that establish that inspite of any religion cast creed we INDIAN wr , are and will b proud of our. Nation.... हिंदी है हम,वतन है, हिन्दुस्तान हमारा ...

This movie also show the hate between India and Pakistan is created by policy , it was never in common man's mind... But easy benefits reap out of hate.

It shows a war all always is disaster, for both sides... And heavy burdens for life.

All supporting actors did wonder full job, and after long time u see Soni of alia in her mom's role.

The song ए वतन मेरे वतन is still playing proudly in my mind... And what tact fully chosen that both Pak n Indian sing together thinking it's for them only

I assure your that every moment you will b proud of the movie

Go watch it....

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