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Saheb biwi & gangster 3

i have seen the last 2 iterations of this series like most of us,and loved the greys of human nature fully blossom in these went to this movie with great expectations...but came out dejected..

the saheb and the biwi are exceptional as always..but but the rest of cast was very under-powered and it times under utilized chitrangada singh,nafisa ali the super verse-tiles had no scope to act..

and kabir bedi,sanjay dutt,deepak tijori wr doing thr part as if they wr forced to do it..

also too many knots and too many tangles and with out any times it confuses,which story is confusing the other sub plot...

but mahi n jimmy are the winners showing all the shades of human nature...the love,the lust,the affection ,anger and fear. at times both animosity and affection for the same person at the same the shoot scene in the fag end by mahi...

so watch the movie for them and if u follow this off best kind movie

and the franchise...else skip..and go for mission impossible

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