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Satyaprem Ki Katha - Movie Review (2023)

I entered the movie theatre that is just another love story with the normal tangles, so it will be a good time pass ,as no movies were released for a long time after the disastrous adipurush. But I had a few questions in mind as I saw movie trailer and the sad heroine in a shadi teased.

This movie is about satyaprem(sattu) and katha . Sattu and his dad are the aberrations in today's stereotypes. They manage home. And diwali(mom of sattu) and sister are bread earners. Sattu is getting aged and no gf . He dreams of getting married to a very smart girl who he saw in last years dandia, and she is also from a posh family.  Katha, the girl, was in love with someone then.  But some unpredictable circumstances happen, and she is married to sattu. After some time of the marriage, some things spring up, which creates turmoil, and the movie moves to its climax.

This movie on the face of it is a normal love story, we indians have seen 1000s of times but subtlety but dominantly the massage it delivers is so powerful and relevant that the director sameer vidwans must be applauded for.  Kartik aryan in this movie has shown that he can act out of the stereotypes he has been cast into and WOW he does. Kiara, the real lead, also shows that she is not a glamorous dance girl. She has all the skills to carry movies on her shoulders. The able support of Supriya pathak, Gajraj rao the acting quotient blooms. It was nice to see Rajpal yadav after a long time. Music is okish . The garba song will be played a lot this season, but the rest are good. I hated what was done to the pasoori 🎵,spoiled it.

Generally, movies never clearly portray a message. But this movie makes it a point to convey the msg as strongly as it can in a commercial movie without breaking the bracket of a family movie. The very relevant problem of today's lives of cosmopolitan circumstances. But also that the same family has names of Diwali and Christmas, which is India. Mom and sister managing the earning and father son managing home. Can't reveal the central fulcrum as that's the secret surprise of the movie.

I loved the movie. Many may not, but the way it has portrayed the issue in a happy go lucky movie, KUDOS.


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