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Shamshera - Movie Review

A 70s - 80s dacoit movie meets the tech of millinials with the acting panache of ranbir, sanjay dutt mixed with dialogues of legendary piyush misra . A big canvas movie.

Shamshera is a movie of a fighter rajputana clan Khamera ,forced to live a banjara n dacoit life,due to years of cast discrimination and patron losses. It's leader tries to take a stance to take them main stream with a proposal from british and their daroga shudh singh. But the british plot and imprison the whole clan. Then the revenge story of the clan head and later his son for the wrongdoings forced on them is the story of the movie.

Randir kapoor is Amazing with a capital A. What a performance in both the roles of father and son. Sanjay Dutt as Shudh singh is the optimal villan with the hate he creates on screen. Vaani as dancer does what she is given to do but doesn't gel with the 1870s timeliness, looks like a 21 century girl in 18th century. Saurabh shukla and rohit roy are commendable cast. Music and background by mithoon grows on you like hunkar and parinda sung by the best in this style Sukhwinder singh. Piyush misra's Dialogues are amazing. The class and powerful poetry is jewel in this movie. Weak link is the direction and the script.

The cast and class structure and struggle are highlighted in this movie, the discrimination which still exists and tears out society apart is very deeply depicted here. Few dialogues latch on to you like "डर किसी से भी, बहुत बेगैरत काम करवा सकता है" , "हमने तो रात का सहारा लिया था,ये तो सबके मुंह पे सूरज पोत गया".

All n all a movie of Big screen with its highs and lows. A long one with 158min runtime. If u love ranbir or into big screen movies its a good watch ,else....


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