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SHAZAM -movie of comic super kid

Dc is never known for comedy in thr super-hero movies, BUT this one is of a very different kind. A superhero who is a 14 in age, but Power of a super hero.

Yes it's real fun to see Zachary Levi(38) portraying a kid who is 14 is real fun to watch, his antics of 14yr old, when he uses powers to grab chips n cola cans. And when by mistake gets beer n drinks feels like vomiting as it tastes like vomit is real fun to watch. The real vulnerability of a kid who got powers but doesnt know how to use it is enlightened as well as entertaining.

The support cast of his friend and the super villain to mark thr presence. It's like when ever the movie gets a bit diggy they come to the rescue to take movie back on track. The only thing which I dint like is the special effects, they look so boring and tired.

What this movie realise is that power when newly attained tries to b used the wrong way but it's on the human how to curb the sins to realise the true nature of the powers. Also when the hero realises that with the power which he has is not even helping his own ones then what is the user of the powers , makes us understand that with great powers Comes great responsibility. But the best was by shazam'z best friend when he says if asked why person which special power he seeks fly or hide , in public he will say fly as her wants to show the world of the powers, but if asked secretly most will say hide because most deep inside think the don't have it in them so hide is a good Power- so aptly conveys the mind of a teen.

Pls enjoy this movie, go with kids, go alone, go even u don't have taste for super human movies... Is will b a light hearted fun film with few tips for life too like sins mostly envy

I give this movie 3+AKG POINTS


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