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A simple movie , a simple message and very cutely and effectively delivered- i can consise my view of this movie in this one sentence.

It's a movie about a home maker ,10yrs married, fully engrossed and enjoying family life with mom-in-law,husband, sister in law, son and lady help. Morning hustle and bustle before most people leave home for school and office , and then full day enjoying the daily chores of a household. But due to an incident and teases she tries to change the course of life to a different direction and how it goes to the final climax are fulfilling.

It's a simple story of a urban home maker which are one of ud in every family. Swastika Mukherjee as the main protagonist is Amazing. I can vouch that she is the best actress in today's working Bengali movie cinario. She bring life to every scene in the movie with all the emotions. It feels like we are watching not an actress but a next door home maker .Soham Chakraborty as his husband is perfect support to the script. The standout performance is of kheya chattopadhyay as house help, her bubbly charm and semi- urban language perfectly depicts the role. Other are ok in performance, as the character is only to support. Director Arjun Dutta delivers a simple message, gripping but the awe expected in the end was missing.

The simple msg which can easily be understood and is sweetly delivered with giggles,teases and emotions is be with u are and become better in it rafter than trying to become someone else to fail.

🌟⭐️⭐️ AKG likes to this cute movie.

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