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Aimless we achieve moments but with AIM we achieve LIFE...which we cherish and other look up to....that is soorma for u in jist

this is a real life story of a super achiever sandeep flicker singh,the greatest drag flicker of the world with the fastest drag flik to his credit.

a non player ,who in love ,just to impress achieves the unthinkable of playing for India and gain his moments,but only aim is the gain love .

but life teaches that when u are aimless u are no whr,but whn u realise and correct the aim u want to really achieve ur real self emerges and true greatness oozes out of u.and really sandeep's story is a story of getting glory...going into doom after non recoverable injury(paralysis)and with grit n determination come back and play international with flying colors and get ARJUNA AWARD(highest award in India for a sports person).

this is a story worth telling of the what determination and hard work can really GAIN. which we must see because many times we leave things to destiny ki" ye to aab kuch nahi ho sakta"...but "himmat hai ,to uparwala zarur madad karta hai..."

also it tells the grim story of sports in india...a 7 time gold and Olympic winning country has no infrastructure for its national game.and except cricket no game's player can survive playing that sport.and a country whr thrs a saying "ki kheloge kudoge to hoge kharab." can we produce worldclass sports persons.

watch the film for gaining aim,determination and chage in mindset tht sports too can make life

a *** by me

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