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Special OPS(2020)- Hotstar

Pandemic covid19 has set cynicism all around the would, but also has carved out opertunities for becoming couch potatoes and consuming so much interesting cusumable content created in the digital space. And it's supreme example is Special OPS.

A 8 episode series of espionage,chase,persiviarence, betrayal, commitment , power games and Nationalism all blended together in the right mix that it demands your attention non stop. I completed this series in 2 days. It was so compelling. Every twist and turn in the series are taken with the viewer. So we the viewers never feel left out.

This story starts from the attack on parliament , its conspiracies and though the narration from 2001 culminates in 2019. Covering 26/11, terrorism, power games, power play in the name of revolution and religion. And it's so well knit that it's nail biting at times in the comfort of your cozy sofas 😊

The elite mix of k.k Menon As the head of operations at R&AW who is a dedicated and smart officer with a family man in the corner of his heart. Committed to the nation but so in love with his wife and daughter and the delemma's of a father of a teen age kid, he does it all with great conviction and zeal,as if k.k.menon is not the , it's the officer himself. Kudos. And when u add Vinay pathak... Then is called ( सोने पे सुहागा)। Pathak as a Delhi police officer, with devotion for k.k is a treat to watch. Rest of the cast too does it's job to perfection.. all credits to the director Neeraj Pandey and Mr Nair. Be it Sana khan ,Karan Tacker, Gautami Kapoor(wife of k.k in the series)meher vij or divya dutta. All are aptly cast. Also was nice to see s.m zaheer after ghoul.

So I would suggest that if you have the appetite for thriller . This is the series top be watched. I assure that you won't be disappointed.

Disclaimer-it has lots of cuss words used in it. So must take care of that discretion that who is watching with u.

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