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Tale of two MOVIES

A movie whr i went to have a laugh riot but came out bitter, another whr i went to feel fear and came out full of emotions....a movie whr i expected a story was just gags, another whr i went with mindset that story won't b a necessary part and it was a pure story telling... Im taking about "Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety" and "पारी"(yes it's पारी ,translated to eng as pari).

Had high expectations of sktks, after the last 2 movies which wr fun, but to the contrary this one is just gigs,galis and male boasting,as if all men are kool n good but girls r all but good means{चालू}| how can a movie without script just b made to state that girls r chalu...yes thr are few good laughable scenes with huge beeps in between but just one point agenda...ridiculous

On the other side पारी, which many dint go just because it's a horror film is a romantic story... With shocks in between to keep u on the edge...and u are so gripped to the movie that u always are in thought while watching it....WHAT NEXT... And the acting......AMAZINGLY AWSOME...anushka is at her best supported by tollywood wholeheartedly...every character does the job with full conviction...but this is a anushka movie..and kokkattans will have fond memories reminding them of old streets of kolkata and our childhood fav ..N har marz ki dawa BOROLINE.

पारी reminded me that every शैतान has a इंसान in it, n every इंसान has a शैतान embedded, it's on the individual which side that person wants to develop. So we too must nurture the humane side of us , and change the thought that bad person has no good in her or him, who knows that bad is the avatar when no one is thr for you... And when we start thinking we will realise that it has happened to us too...

So i suggest.i may b late as these are a week old movies but still.. Go for pari not for fear but for the humane side of fearsome and if u like mindless female bashing ....ur partner will take care of U🤣


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