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THE ONE ( Netflix)

A si-fi,corporate saga which I started watching as I saw the si-fi tag but was engrossed into the story, so humane but so extraordinary.

A story of a girl who aims high and can do anything to achieve it,and by anything I mean everything which can or cannot be done. Rebecca web @hannahroseware with his friend finds a way to find the best match for any human via genetics. She needs data to test and then make a huge leap to get the power of happiness given to others under her control. 8 episode series,supremely gripping.

The main lead is the one who takes the whole series forward on her shoulders.a o man ,she carves all the emotions via her face...amazingly.

What more fascinated me while watching this series was the age old traditions of our Indian homes of matching Janm-kundalis. I was amused thinking that this was that we were doing from 1000's of yrs in INDIA. The 36 गुण or 21 , are the things related to the astrological situations when we are born in relation to family , ancestry and genetics are also related to same the genes are relative to our ancestry tree. What an amazing concept,but never real scientific work has been done on it.😳. Another thought which came up was that at times to much ambition is very harmful because I never can decide between what needs to be done to achieve but at what point the like is crossed and need to stop and take corrective measures. The eye opener on how ambitions can be dreadful too.

All in all a wonderful saga of si-fi ,over ambitious humans and corporate saga...

Wonderful web series to watch. It's a 16+ rated series


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