The RIGHT THOUGHTS for The Wrong side of 40's

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Was thinking of what I went through and what all happened to me is not unusual,because after the 40's and with the life style of today's Urban life,such debacle and health emergencies are bound to happen. If not sooner than later,because no one of us is Iron man that nothing will happen to her or him,because when contingencies happen they don't even knock,they just barge in.

We generally think of our kids , parents ,spouse but when it's about us we think we are made of steel,nothing will happen to me. I'm the one who will never have to go thought this . Others had bad life style so had this desease but I do things in control,so nothing will happen to me.

I too was of this mindset,but due to the insistence of my brother he pushed me to have a medical insurance of 10k and a term insurance of 1cr. When it was being done,I was just thinking it of just a waste of an expense.

He proved me wrong. In last 2 yrs got 2 major emergencies and a Bone Marrow Transplant too. And u know what helped me,my medical insurance. A 16k+ expense in just last year was not tough on us because of the medical policy.

Then today was talking to a friend ,Who was is very tense times. He has got a bad illness,minimal medical insurance and no term policy. Now he is more in tension about the future then his severe illness. He is in severe depression because what after him,what happens to the family. How will they survive. Then this Corona which came without notice, and the whole world is on home quarantine. Fear engulfed by the happening of the unknown.

That jittered my mind.and compelled me to write about it. My friends it's my sincere request to all of u reading this blog,I know u all are super human,nothing will happen to you but still for the sake of your family. Please at the earliest available time,(which we are having in ample now) get a very good medical insurance,because a hospital admission of a week too get a bill in few lakhs. A good medical insurance means no financial burden on the family,Who will be in tension because of the illness.

And a good term insurance because as in the wrong side of 40's we must be with the family zindagi ke sath bhi, Zingdagi me baat bhi.

Its better to be secure than be grudging about the missed chance.


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