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"ज़िन्दगी जियों तो पेट भरके,इतना कि डाकरो भी". I find this apt to deduce this awesome movie of life, rooted in comedy but story of tragidy. The movie starts with a girl ancoring the movie with a voice over, who is dead, wacky start. Its a movie about a family which is struck by a tough situation and this situation makes the family tougher to fight the problem, and live life. Its a story which underlines the guts to Survive , the grit and determination of a family, also it's bonding. The cast of Priyanka chopra,Farhan akhtar,zaira Wasim,Rohit saraf all are awesome. Pc as the tough mom with the will,grit, determination but the underbelly of cracking down because of the pressure at times is commendable.farhan shows the vulnerability of a dad who had to stay strong at Face, but inside he is so fragile, every expression depicts these emotions.zaira shows all the nuances of an actor, so does Mr saraf as the brother who has love and hate brother sister relation, and acts to perfection. Ready of the cast to move with the plot.i lived the voice overs which John the movie together in its jumps during the timelines. Commitment of director in the story is clearly evident. The is a very unique movie. A movie of death but celebration of life. This movie stresses that death is certain and eventual so what is not eventual is life of make the best of of it. Enjoy every breathe with fun and zeal. Why crib about eventual to MISS out on the times which we can enjoy NOW. Very adorable movie. I will give this movie ⭐⭐⭐🌟 AKG POINTS. Watch TO CELEBRATE LIFE AND LEARN FROM IT ENJOY EVERY MOMENT WHICH WE BELONG TO.

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