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One day i was astonished few years ago when my mamaji was at my home and i opened Uber , the app automatically showed location of mamaji's house. I was surprised, How could this happen. Is this just a co- insistence! I was in awe. But now after few years of facing such things daily i have become used to it. So have you. You too must have been astonished initially when a product you were thinking about was regularly popping in your social feeds or on pages while searching on Google.

The Social Dilemma is a movie which is a movi-cumentry on the path of us becoming from a consumer to a Product. Sorry if you felt bad but this is new truth of 21st century. This movie has QnA sessions with former top guns of Google Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest. And what they say is eye opener to things which we do daily and how we are daily processed or molded bit by bit to become so biased and aloof of real friends and family in flesh and blood . Its a movie of these interactions with a story line glued to it .

Few revelations are Startling . We are fed feed which slowly but shrewdly twists our ideas, thoughts , behavior to suit the powerful few with a pattern. How we are fed posts to believe what we see as truth and person next to is fed to make him believe his truth and mold opinions. Kids of new millennium moving away from friends to be glued to the illuminated slates and creating a false sense of online friends.

I would INSIST that every one of us should watch this movie with kids. They must know that they can't become the PRODUCT and stay under non stop surveillance.

And the biggest IRONY is I'm posting this review in social media.

⭐⭐⭐🌠AKG points to this movie. EYE OPENER

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