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ON 8th November,2018 ,hindostan was thugged again,but this time in a fun-way...dont go with any expectations in this movie,and u survive the first half buildup to the post interval will b a very enjoyable,KRANTI with PIRATES OF CARRABIAN mock-tail movie.

a magnanimous star cast of BACCHAN SAAB,AAMIR KHAN,KATRINA KAIF...and expectations are too high ,but as aamir himself said in an interview,this is a pure commercial masala flick. so watch it with that mindset and i assure u it will b a pleasure.

i just hoped that a blend of fun n laugh was a tad less...cauz except firangi(aamir),all characters are so serious,i know they are in colonial era,but then too they must b laughing a bit too.

on the positive front the canvas is huge,loved the war ,pirates,fight scenes.the female cast of fatima seikh is wow ....charm to watch,katrina is just for the super fast (i thought it was fast forward)dance sequence only aamir gets into the skin of the thug who always keeps us guessing which side he is in aangrez or aaazad..all through with the awadhi dialec on tongue.was fun watching him.

also saw how India was in 1800's ,we lived that ganga jamuni tahzeeb till date,a Muslim king but the biggest state event is the DUSSEHRA,win of truth over evil.i hope HINDOSTAN retains this ethos of unity in diversity. also saw that no one but Indians defeat and ditch Indians. why ?we must discuss in our minds?

all in all bare with the first half of a buildup to a AWESOME 2nd half....will love this...dewali special..

i give this movie 3*** AKG points.

maine bhi 1st half sehen kiya aap bhi karo

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